Contract ManagementAt Pearls Construction, LLC, we believe that one of the fundamentals of any project’s success is the binding agreement that ensures the project’s delivery as planned; all while managing all its aspects which include scope, cost, schedule, risks opportunities, and more.

Therefore, we offer you the service of Contract Management, which is the core of efficiently maintaining the management of all aspects related to the project and the contractual relationships that leads to them.

Contract Lifecycle Management is the process of formulating contracts, implementing them, and assessing their efficiency; this will ensure that the financial and operational performances are maximized while all risks stay under control.

Before Implementation, the essential information of formulating a contract is usually structured and properly analyzed, according to each project’s nature and what it may need most. Our service is to evaluate your project, decide the necessary services, and assist you with the selection process of your potential contractual partner.

After Contract Lifecycle Management comes Contract Drafting, this is where we identify the contractual relationships of the project, making sure it is completed with little to no disturbances or conflicts. Contract Drafting is then followed by Contract Implementation, where the performance of the contract is being assessed and monitored to ensure it includes all the perspectives and measures that a successful project needs.

During Contract Management, it is important to put other aspects into consideration too such as Resource Allocation. Resource allocation shows us how most of the processes of project management are interlocked to serve one another, ensuring our sole purpose is met; meaning the project is overall successful, within its budget and scheduled timeline.

At Pearls Construction, LLC we are aware that each contract should be formulated according to its project’s conditions, the firm’s corporates and its functional strategies. Therefore, we are prepared to always provide you with the required flexibility needed to handle your project in the best way. We will tailor the contract according to its nature and requirements, in turn, establishing a contract that would be both realistic and cost-effective.

We will also take into consideration aspects such as the contracts’ outcome, alternatives of existing contracts or other proposed ones, risks involved with the project and their furthest extent, sudden changes in project’s plan or requirements, and not limited to timescale set during scheduling.

All these factors and techniques should be well studied at before formulation and then further tested during implementation.