Industrial Facilities


Location: Dakar, Senegal

Value: $100 Million

Owner: TiZir Limited Group

Services Provided: ?????????????


Project Overview:

GCO, located 50km NE of Dakar, stretches for more than 100km along Senegal’s coastline. It is located in an area characterized by costal dunes and specializes in the mining of heavy mineral sands such as zircon, rutile, leucoxene and ilmenite.

Grande Côte, has an expected mine life of more than 25 years. It is estimated that on a yearly basis, 50M tons of sand will be extracted resulting in 85,000 tons of zircon, 15,000 tons of rutile and leucoxene and 570,000 tons of ilmenite – making Senegal one of the world’s largest producers of these minerals.

The Mine comprises of a Dredge, a Wet Concentrator Plant (WCP), a Mineral Separation Plant (MSP), Rail, Port facilities and a Power Station.

The 36 megawatt Power Station located on site is capable of being powered by heavy fuel oil, natural gas or diesel, giving TiZir the security of a continued power supply.