Construction Claims Consulting

Construction Claims Consulting

Construction Claims Consulting (Delay Analysis)

Delay Claims,
Window Analysis,
Collapse as-built Analysis,
Change order request Analysis,
Cost Claims and
Time Extension Claims in Construction Claims services

Construction Claims Consulting is considered one of the most complicated processes in the construction project. Construction claims consultants are aware of the possibility of complications that might come up throughout your construction process. All owners, contractors & Engineering firms, have a high chance of construction claims taking part during projects’ execution. However, the good news is that even though this, we’ve got you covered!


“Construction Claims Consulting”
First, we need to have a clearer understanding of what construction claims are. Construction-Claims come up for many reasons such as time delays, cost changes, liquidated damage, conflicts, or unforeseen events. Even with the best planning, it is impossible to fully guarantee that your project won’t be at risk of any claims. All parties abide by the contract that sets the way to deal with these claims in case of their occurrence.

At Pearls Construction LLC,

Our Construction claims consultants of professional engineers are ready with their skills and experience to assist you through the assessment. They help also through preparation, analysis, as well as the resolution of the construction, claims that you may need for during your project. Not to mention, our Construction claim consultants have extensive experience in the construction industry. They have worked on a vast number of projects with different specifications and sizes; dealing with different construction claims. Every type of construction claim is specific to each project given its work scope and type of contract documents.

“Construction Claims Consulting” It is very important to understand the nature of your project and also its contractual basis. Because that’s the key to knowing how to work through your construction claims in the most optimal way. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the types of claims that you might face in the construction industry. How to avoid them? How to deal with them? In a way that minimizes their effect on any construction project time schedule, budget, or both.

Fortunately, our Construction Claims Consulting team has what it takes to mitigate as well as analyze critical issues that the project might face. In order to quantify the damage in a way that they can easily resolve. In other words, we offer construction claims analysis associated with CPM project scheduling.

Our construction claims consultant will walk you throughout the whole process with our cost-effective, strategic approaches. Our team could easily constantly communicate and address complex issues.

Consequently, Pearls Construction LLC “Construction Project Management Firm” is providing the following construction claims consulting services to match your projects’ needs and requirements:

CPM schedule Analysis
Delay Analysis
Window Analysis
Collapse as-built Analysis
Change order request Analysis
Cost Claims
Time Extension Claims
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Construction Claims Consulting
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