Window Analysis Technique

Window Analysis Technique

Contemporaneous period schedule analysis

Window delay analysis technique deals with changes in CPM schedule over given periods of time, usually referred to as windows. Typically, the window delay analysis is a forward-looking technique. It measures the delay effect have on the overall project duration; from start to completion. Windows delay analysis is also known as a contemporaneous period schedule analysis. The windows delay analysis depends on the CPM Schedule, contemporaneous schedule, and as-built schedule data.

Window Analysis Technique

A Critical Path has the most important activities, we need to complete it in order to keep the project’s time schedule. During the windows delay analysis, we divide the CPM schedule based on the main project milestones durations. We update each window schedule to explain the start-date, the duration of the activities, and the duration of the delay. Followed by updating the rest of the schedule based on the consequences of the previous delays.

Our construction engineering experts assist you constantly through preparing and implementing window-delay-analysis to the claims it needs as a resolving technique. Our Consultants will walk you step by step through the Window delay analysis and how we are doing it. And how to delay analysis can deal with your claims in the most optimal ways possible.

To sum up, the steps of the window delay analysis technique process include:

1-Analysing your project’s contract.
2-Reviewing the planned and as-built schedules.
3-Identifying the differences between both schedules.
4-Analysing the causes and the ways to control these differences.
5-Identifying and quantifying the analysis of each window period.

Window Analysis Technique At Pearls Construction LLC,

We know that the most crucial parts of any construction project’s execution come after construction scheduling. And it is representing through its critical path. Obviously, one of the most crucial parts is Window analysis (Contemporaneous period schedule analysis).

We know it is very challenging and often impossible to be certain about a given CPM schedule. Or we are not sure that there are no changes that can alter in its optimal schedule. We try our best during the CPM schedule to come up with the best schedule that wouldn’t require any delays. However, in case they do, we are prepared to resolve them in the most analytical and strategic approaches.