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Pearls Enterprise is a group of construction professional engineers, schedulers and qualified managers specialized in project management consultancy that includes but is not limited to:

  • CPM planning and scheduling
  • Claims management
  • Risk and delay analysis
  • Cost control and cash flow stability
  • Contracts administration
  • BIM services (5D, 6D)
  • Training (Primavera/Ms. Project)
  • Visualization (3D Max)

We provide our consulting services for entities looking to manage their projects efficiently. Our team of professional schedulers, claims analysts and BIM designers provides;

Construction scheduling in Houston

CPM scheduling in Dallas

Construction scheduling in New York

Construction scheduling in Boston

Claims and Scheduling in Chicago

Claims and Scheduling in Virginia

Construction claims management and scheduling in Florida; Miami Tampa, Orlando and Palm Harbor

Construction management and BIM modeling in San Francisco and Los Angeles

Construction scheduling, claims management and BIM modeling in Seattle

Our team has worked on a wide variety of projects located in different countries, starting with eastern to western North America, Middle East, Africa and the Persian Gulf.

Examples of our projects Construction management in the US includes but not limited to; cpm scheduling and delay analysis in NY, FL, Boston, MA, WA and the use of Primavera and Ms. Project scheduling in CA, AZ, Miami and Texas along with scheduling and claims management in PA, IL, Oh, LA, SF, Houston and Dallas

Our experience extends to residential, commercial, industrial, transportation and infrastructure projects – giving our company an edge, yet at a reasonable price.


To globally lead in the project management industry through our innovative and sustainable solutions.


Provide our clients with exceptional consulting services by applying smart management techniques.

Ensure projects are completed on time within budget and high quality results.


To innovatively grant our clients extensive services with sustainable solutions, and to stabilize the foundation of a long lasting business relationship.

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