Harley A. Harmon Elementary School Replacement

Construction Consultation Services “Harley A. Harmon Elementary School Replacement”

Construction Consultation Services “Harley A. Harmon Elementary School Replacement”

Pearls Construction, LLC provided construction consultation services. They worked on a comprehensive detailed CPM Project baseline Schedule, together with monthly schedule progress updates.

Project’s Location: Nevada
Value: $29.5 M

CPM scheduling is a project modeling technique for scheduling a set of projects activities. It is crucial to know the nature of the relations connecting the activities with one another to be able to identify a critical path with which the project will be on its optimal track of completion with least possible chances of any delays.
CPM Scheduling requires gathering sufficient data about the activities, as specified in the contract pertaining to the project. Followed by identifying their logical sequence and dependencies on one another, the type of connections between them and their expected durations and lead time.

Construction Baseline Schedule “Construction Consultation Services” included:

1- Developing Work Breakdown Structures (WBS): List all utility, engineering, and construction activities that are broken down by phases, areas, and also types of work.
2- Including procurement activities as per project specifications.
3- Assigning specific calendars that include defined holidays as well as weather days.
4- Running several what-if scenarios in order to optimize the sequence of operations.
5- Testing and analyzing the longest path of the project.
6- Developing the logic, sequence, and diagrams in order to avoid high float values.
7- Developing activity coding, including; responsible parties, phasing, and  also a category of work
8- Generating a detailed narrative report with risk identification and analysis as well as the potential impact of major areas in the project
9- Critical path Schedule analysis; includes a complete graphical sequential schedule broken down by area and a graphical sequential schedule broken down by trade

Work Scope:
Replace the existing Harley Harmon Elementary School with a new 107,000 square-foot elementary school consisting of (1) one-story building, located in the northwest portion of the site, and (1) two-story building, located in the southwest portion of the site. The site covers an area of approximately 8.34 acres.
Additional improvements include new turf and paved play areas east of the proposed structures, and new parking area adjacent to East Mesa Avenue with driveway approaches along Orinda Avenue and Hillsboro Lane.

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