Replace Roof At The Northport VAMC

CPM Consulting in New York City

Pearls offers CPM Consulting in New York City “Replace Roof At The Northport VAMC”

Our Team of CPM Consulting in New York City developed the comprehensive detailed construction CPM baseline Schedule. Our Consultants provided scheduling services and CPM consulting in New York City. CPM scheduling is a project modeling technique for scheduling a set of project activities. CPM Scheduling requires gathering sufficient data about the activities, as specified in the contract pertaining to the project. Followed by identifying their logical sequence and dependencies on one another, the type of connections between them, and their expected durations and lead time.

Project’s Location:
New York

CPM Scheduling in New York City  “Critical Path Method” included:

“Developing Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)”. First, WBS is used to list all utility, engineering, and construction activities that are broken down by phases, areas, and types of work.
It included also running several what-if scenarios. In order to optimize the sequence of operations and developing the logic, sequence, and diagrams to avoid high float values. Then, Our construction scheduling new York team tested and analyzed the longest path of the project, assigned direct Crew to all construction activities, and identify man-hours throughout the job. Furthermore, They provided the status of potential resources available and their feasibility to the project in New York and developed and analyzed the resource profile histogram to level resources.

Construction Delay Analysis in new york:

The construction management team in New York has also worked on successful Delay analysis.
1- Risk and delays assessment
2- Then, Identify major areas of slippage
3- Delay impact analysis and recovery actions
4- Develop narrative report; shall include activities started in the month (with actual start dates), activities completed during the month (with actual start and completion dates), activities in progress (with estimated remaining durations), and activities scheduled to start in the following month (with estimated start dates).
Pearls Team of CPM Scheduling and Delay Analysis in new york created a list of approved logic changes, a list of proposed logic changes, new activities, and deleted activities.
Then, Recommendations for adjusting the Construction Progress Schedule to meet contractual milestone completion dates. (includes why the schedule needs to be adjusted, e.g., change orders in the construction schedule, weather delays, contractor resources, etc.)

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